Training and work, the opportunities in MIS are growing

The lack of drivers in Lombardy and in general throughout the Italian territory is pushing many companies and trade union representatives to develop initiatives to encourage the entry of young professionals into the workplace. The MIS Group in collaboration with the Storti group and the FIT-CISL Presidium Secretariat of Cremona, within the Cremona Mantua CISL ASSE DEL PO and IAL Lombardia of Cremona, has joined a training project for young drivers for the achievement of the CE and CQC license. The course is organized in two phases: the first of a preparatory nature, necessary to present the appropriate information to the candidates for the program through meetings with experts in the transport sector. The second phase, on the other hand, is the actual training project for obtaining driving licenses. MIS has launched a significant hiring campaign motivated by investments for a total of 30 new vehicles to be completed by the end of 2022 and which each month sees several units join the current fleet of vehicles. The opportunities are not limited to the figure of driver but new hires are also envisaged for other operational figures in the intermodal terminals of the MIS group and in the technical and maintenance management. Various realities in the Cremona area therefore participate in the project, demonstrating an economic fabric that seeks to team up and collaborate to solve the challenges of this sector, logistics, on which the competitiveness of many production and industrial sectors depends. For more information, you can contact the MIS staff management by writing to:

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