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Who we are

Added value through intermodal logistics solutions

Founded in the early 1980s in the province of Brescia (Italy) as initiative of the Magli family.

We are one of the leading companies in the integrated logistics of metal and steel products. To meet the needs of our customers, since 2011 we have been developing INTERMODAL solutions by combining road and rail transport modes to offer integrated and sustainable logistic services that contribute to the development of a sustainable and circular supply chain of steel and metal products.

We operate on DOMESTIC and INTERNATIONAL markets, acting through a capillary network of infrastructures (terminals) and services in Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Austria and Switzerland. The organization includes 165 direct employees and we manage a fleet of 140 heavy vehicles, 190 semi-trailers and over 2,500 intermodal loading units specifically designed to load finished products, semi-finished products and waste material for the green steel industry.

Since 2022 we operate as MTO (Multimodal Transport Operator) through a brand new MIS Open Network business unit, offering independent intermodal transports and terminal handling services to logistic operators, carriers and other intermodal operators operating with their own intermodal loading units along the main freight corridors between north, central and southern Europe.


It represents Magli Intermodal Service’s historical and «core business» offer, i.e. the transport and “in-house” logistics of finished products, semi-finished products, and scrap and waste materials of the iron, steel and metallurgical industries. MIS solutions supports the improvements of environmental performances of one of the most prestigious and largest industrial districts in the province of Brescia and Cremona. Directly or through its subsidiaries, MIS contributes to the development of the green steel producers’ supply chain competitiveness.

Through this brand new Business Unit, MIS acts as a Multimodal Transport Operator (MTO) offering independent and open rail transport solutions to  transport and logistics providers operating through their own containers, semi-trailers, swap bodies and other types of intermodal loading units.

Terminals and ports are the key element of any modern distribution and supply chain. MIS directly manages handling, logistics operations and value-added services (i.e. customs) by investing in the capacity development of its intermodal terminals to meet the growing demand for railway and logistics platforms.

Offering rail traction and rail shunting services to support modern and reliable intermodal solutions (undergoing certification)

Is a new business units taking care of the maintenance and technical services h24 required by the fully owned fleet of modern and smart heavy vehicles, semitrailers and handling equipment

Our Figures

end 2023

MIS Srl Turnover

million Euro

(+26.5% vs 2022)


million Euro



(+ 21% vs 2022)



Transported Tons


(+ 25% vs 2022)



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