Mis History

Founded as a simple transport agency and sole proprietorship of Magli Albino, called La Nazionale, in Via del Brasile in Brescia.

Transfer to Rezzato, after the purchase of a warehouse with offices near the junctions of the ring road.

Opening of a local unit in Spinadesco, Cremona, with a yard for vehicle shelter and to optimize the work whose main hub is in this area.

A turning point for the company, which from being a haulier for third parties, has turned its interest almost entirely to intermodal transport with the purchase of the first fleets of containers. Thanks to Magli Paolo’s intuition, transport will no longer be the sole prerogative of road haulage, but due to the needs of customers, […]

MIS, which now has 4 local units: the historic Rezzato, the administrative headquarters, Spinadesco and Acquanegra Cremonese linked to the Cremona iron and steel pole and Montirone, linked to the iron and steel pole in the Brescia area, all closely linked to the railway world. MIS’s journey continues into the world of infrastructure with the […]

Currently, the aggregate of the MIS group is 150 Mio.

Fondamenta del Futuro

MIS for Brescia Capital of Culture. Alongside the studio DI_aRCHON ass_, together with the other patrons of the project, we presented yesterday April 13th, the

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