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You deal, We transport
You deal, We transport
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Proyects and People

Cremonese Calcio

MIS has renewed its partnership as “gold partner” of Cremonese Calcio which faces the 2023/2024 Serie B championship. A demanding challenge for a team that aims to recover its place in the top series of the most followed sport in Italy as soon as possible.

VBC Casalmaggiore

We are alongside every spike, block, and every point recovered, and for this reason we feel honored to renew for the season 2023/2024 our support to VBC Casalmaggiore team, playing in the major women’s series (A1) of the Italian volleyball championship.

Val Palot Ski S.S.D. a R.L

Since 2023, we have been official partners of Val Palot Ski S.S.D. a R.L, a reference point in the competitive youth world, from the Baby category to high-level athletes and the organization of international winter sports events such us the FIS race planned for January the 24th where MIS is the main sponsor.

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Progetto Fondamenta

We stand by the Fondamenta project, by Stevan Tesic and Milena Veljkovic. The project is born as an expression of contemporary patronage, that is, as a figure of future memory as it affirms the quality and openness of the cultural context of Brescia.


We believe in a world that is more attentive to the environment, and as intermodal operators, we are committed to low-emission transport solutions. That’s why we created the MIS Paulownia forest with the start-up and benefit company treebo.io to contribute to a more sustainable and resilient environment. It’s a miraculous plant: it absorbs a lot of CO2, has ultra-fast growth, produces valuable wood, reclaims soil, and is an ally to bees.


Logistics is speed, precision, and safety. Elements that thrive and excel in track performances, which is why we are happy to support the AW Racing Kart team, participating in Italian and International races. This is where the champions of speed are emerging.