MIS 2021 results and business developments

  • Growth and development: MIS (Magli Intermodal Service) consolidates its business in support of the circular economy of steel and metal products and continues to develop the terminal network and integrated logistics services by launching MIS OPEN NETWORK, a new Business Unit providing intermodal service for carriers, logistics operators and other MTOs.
  • In just 5 years the number of direct employees tripled while turnover grew by 87% as result of an investment plan that aims to develop handling and transport capacity along the main international commercial corridors.

Brescia, March 15th, 2022

The MIS 2021 fiscal year ended with an encouraging turnover growth and unprecedent results on the main business indicators. With over 36 million euros, turnover increases by 53% compared to 2020 and consolidates the growth trend of the five-year period 2017-2021 with an average annual growth rate of 17%. The volumes of freight handled also increased with 1,083,253 tons, recording a jump of 118% compared to the volumes handled and transported in 2020. Volumes more than doubled compared to the pre-pandemic data of 2019. The intermodal transport offering showed an increase of 9.5% compared to 2020 and 29% compared to 2019 with 11,850 intermodal units transported. The evidence of MIS’s leap in size is also confirmed by the number of direct employees, which went from 33 units in 2017 to 98 in 2021, already reaching 135 units in the first months of 2022.

MIS, to support an increasingly important demand for transport and logistics from the market for steel and metal products in its greener and virtuous components (composed of recycled and inert materials), has invested almost 29 million euros in new equipment and financial leasing while is launching a new investment plan for over 17 million euros between 2022 and 2024.

The growing strategy is based on two main developments, namely:

the integration and enhancement of the management of a network of intermodal platforms, ports and logistic terminals,

the launch of a new organization with new operational business units and one central service unit for the staff functions. The new MIS OPEN NETWORK business unit began operating in early 2022, and will act as MTO (multimodal transport Operator) to extend the offer of railway solutions along the main north-southern European corridors to carriers, logistic operators and other MTOs which are equipped with their own intermodal units and semi-trailers. An integration of the core business dedicated to logistic solutions of green steel and metal products. MIS OPEN NETWORK will vertically integrate the management of the trains/intermodal solutions that MIS previously sourced from third party MTOs.

We are aware of the complex challenges of the logistics sector and increasingly impacts on the cost of raw materials and energy and for this reason we have decided to value the experience, skills and terminal infrastructures managed by MIS for its core market – said Paolo Magli. The demand for logistic solutions with low environmental and social impact will be increasingly driven by the offer of reliable and integrated services thst’s whay we started reviewing the MIS organization by reducing the operational team effort from staff tasks in order to let them focus on the development of international markets and operational needs of all customers who want to improve sustainability performances in their complex supply chain. “

The total aggregated turnover of MIS and its participated subsidiaries finally reached the amount of 225 million euros  in 2021 with approximately 300 people directly employed.

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