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Combined transport optimally brings together the different transport systems, heavy vehicles, rail and water means.
Therefore, they are used in:

  • Railway / Ship, for long tracks;
  • Truck, for starting and finishing reloading

Our goal is to combine the economic and environmental sustainability of the railroad with the speed and flexibility of road transport.
This result is achieved thanks to:

  • the ability to develop capacity that can support the development of frequent connections with major maritime and land-based hubs in Italy and Europe;
  • a stable, punctual and fast railway service;
  • an adequate logistics platform, devoted to modal exchange (that is, the passage of the freight from train to truck and vice versa);
  • the ability to effectively handle all customs practices linked to the transit of imported and exported goods, in order to make the best use of the corridors that allow the goods not to stop on the docks of the ports, but to proceed promptly to their final destination.

Due to its characteristics, combined transport also significantly reduces emissions of harmful substances, in particular the CO2 greenhouse gas, compared with road transport, while at the same time ensuring greater load capacity and flexibility for the customer. For more information visit the page http://www.ecotransit.org/calculation.en.html

Thanks to a constant commitment to building up our sets of complementary skills and experiences, and the opportunities offered by the MIS network, today we can bring all of these factors together into an innovative business, perfectly equipped to serve the global supply chain